Very Important Bio Information


Dogs or Cats? Have both, love both 

Mac or PC?: Mac (does it have Excel?)

Louisiana or Tabasco? Louisiana 

Admittedly this list is light hearted, but the broader point is more serious. 

We all fall into a series of classification buckets beyond Republican and Democrat.  Also, sometimes these classifications are falsely presented to us as binary.  For example, it is not as if when I go to a restaurant and they only have Tabasco sauce I don’t gladly take it, I like Tabasco as well.  The broader point is that we compromise all the time.  In my mind, there is a level of political healing that will be required to start having honest constructive discussions on forward looking challenges.  A first step may be understanding that as people our labels are diverse, overlapping, and in most cases not binary. 

Favorite Dessert : Apple pie (a la mode, go big or go home )

Age: 42 

Favorite Food Group : Tortillas

Married? 17 years and counting

Favorite In-Store Ice Cream : Moo-llennium Crunch (Blue Bell)

Hometown : El Paso, Texas (Go Miners!)

Hometown Clarification : Andress (Go Eagles!)

Scoville Toleration : Maybe 80,000-100,000 

Favorite Spotify Station : Indie 

Currently Residing: Flower Mound, Texas (Go Jaguars!)

Kids? Both teens (help me)

Undergraduate: Princeton (Go Tigers!)

Golf Handicap? Happy if I can make contact

Favorite Outdoor activity: Fishing (hook more fingers than fish)

Graduate: MBA, SMU (Go Ponies!) 

Beer or Wine? Beer

Hibachi or sushi? Sushi

These are some of my buckets, what are some of yours?  More importantly how will understanding your perspective make me smarter? Let me know.


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