Why & A Note

Why are you running for this office?

I am running for Governor because I feel that there are structural problems that need to be addressed in our broader government and economic systems.   This will require new leadership that can focus our legislature on attending to short and medium-term budgetary issues for education, transportation, healthcare, natural disaster response, etc.; as well as, on the larger structural issues which will need to be examined and repaired to develop long-term solutions.



NOTE: As you read my responses below, please understand that there is no hubris here.  People who put themselves up for public service are, well, people.  We evolve and grow in our perspectives, just like anyone else.  I say this because many of my answers may leave more questions than solutions.  The hope is that you will gain insight into my sense of prioritization and process.  Also, please consider, the position I am running for is Governor, which carries with it many constraints.  Ultimately, this position is about setting the tone and approach simply as a model for the legislature.   The solutions and the process toward achieving those solutions in policy are inherently difficult and long term.  My responses below largely dictate an approach, and I am always open to considering more information to get us to the best solution.  What I ask, is that you consider new perspectives as well, no matter what your political bent.  Let’s start with the premise that we are open to learning more to face our current challenges.  With that, I just want to thank you for your engagement. Please encourage others to engage as well.