Gun Laws

What changes, if any, should be made to the state’s gun laws?

Let me first apologize to the surviving mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and loved ones of those who have died from gun violence in our state and our country.  I cannot begin to imagine how the parents of Sandy Hook children feel, not simply by how their children died but that their voices have largely gone unheard.  Beyond Sandy Hook there are several other families who have lost loved ones.  To all of you, please know that as a candidate, I am fully aware that you have already given years of your life.  First, you have given a lifetime of experiences with those you have lost. And subsequent to their deaths, many of you have given years advocating for some gun control. 


I apologize, because what I am going to advocate is that you wait more.  If elected as the Democratic nominee for Governor, I will immediately sign a letter of resignation effective the day I sign any gun control legislation that does not pass with 60% approval from both chambers of our legislature.  To put this differently, I will not sign any gun control legislation that does not pass with at least 60% approval, unless I am willing to resign.  I am doing this because I find that this issue is used very widely as a wedge issue that divides our politics.  And, as I am trying to end wedge politics, I want it off the table in 2018.  If you read my website, you will see I am trying to establish a fidelity contract with constituents and in order to do that, I need to establish trust.  So I am taking gun control off the table, as I will ask constituents from both parties to elect me as Governor.  If elected, I will work to establish that fidelity contract by working on structural issues that are important to our collective interests.  My hope is that by communicating and working with all, I can establish a fidelity contract in politics.  If I have the privilege of being governor, I will put gun control back on the table in my re-election bid.  At that time, I will give Republicans the opportunity to determine whether my overall process and results are sufficient to keep me in office, even if they disagree on my stances on gun control.  So again, I apologize.  But please keep in mind, given the current state of politics, I have to play a multi-year strategy that gets us to a solution.  In the meantime, I will commit to you to bring as many parties to the table to talk about and plan for legislative ideas that move us toward a solution in four years, as well as consider other private sector initiatives that might help us navigate toward solutions.  I know this does not satisfy you nor does it satisfy me, but I need to fix structural issues to make movement on this issue a reality.