Dallas Morning News Voter Guide

These are responses on everything from school finance to sanctuary cities. I will post the Dallas Morning News link when it goes live. Until then my responses can be found in the Voter Guide section of this site.

Serious Money - Part II

$41,000,000 buys a lot of advertising.  Continue reading

Serious Money- Part I

Campaign Finance is a pain in the caboose!   Continue reading

Waves and Motion Sickness

For those who play in Virtual Reality, one challenge is that it can cause motion sickness.  Continue reading

Play the Game (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

Game Theory is a concept used in many fields including psychology, economics, and yes, political science.  Continue reading

My Positions

I hope you didn’t... Continue reading

Pizza, Politics, Principals & Agents

In business, we talk about Principal-Agent problems all the time. This concept is used in many other cases, including politics.   Continue reading

Horatio Alger's Efficiency Problem

As I go through my campaign I want to share certain nuggets of thought I have struggled with through the years in order to establish some base critical thought.  This is not just so you understand how I think, but also just to help everyone reflect on issues that are hard to resolve in our broader systems.  Just to put this in the context of one of my overall goals, this also helps to establish a fidelity contract. Continue reading

Fidelity Contract

In Virtual Reality (VR) there is a concept known as a Fidelity Contract.  Basically, the idea is that producers of VR content want users to engage in that content and keep them engaged throughout the experience.  Continue reading

Very Important Bio Information

Dogs or Cats? Have both, love both  Mac or PC?: Mac (does it have Excel?) Louisiana or Tabasco? Louisiana  Admittedly this list is light hearted, but the broader point is more serious.  Continue reading