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We are moving forward!

Obviously, as a start-up it is hard to get attention, so the decision largely came down to considering our message and approach.  We really don’t know what we have here, but we feel our approach (and voice) is different than what we are seeing from other candidates.  So, we have made the decision to start the work.   


On a personal note, I know that my approach is somewhat experimental, I know it carries risk, and yes, it keeps me up at night.  However, I feel a strong need to resist the pressure to be a traditional candidate.  I often feel that while traditional political “narratives” are well crafted, they carry an essence of insincerity that can deter rather than invite engagement into our political process.  While taking this path has unknown consequences, if I am going to ask you to trust me, then I should trust that being myself is enough for you. 


I have posted some Thoughts, start with the Fidelity Contract.  It is a bit of a read I know, but please take some time to read it, as it sets the tone for what we are hoping to accomplish.  We will be adding videos as we move through the process, to share thoughts and the experience of running. 


YouTube Channel


Ok, finally in the spirit of being engaged on issues and supporting individuals who are putting themselves forward for office I have linked the sites of my opponents below.  If you have a chance check out their sites and read their content with an active and open mind.  Understanding their positions and approach helps build broader engagement.

Facebook Cedric Davis Sr.

Facebook Joe Mumbach


(If I have left someone out, let me know.)


Thanks everyone. Please follow us through your preferred social media: links are below.





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