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Our Campaign

I am running for Governor to resolve structural problems that need to be addressed in our broader government and economic systems that we must pursue together. The role of the people of Texas is to elect representatives that not only know the problems but that also bring unique qualifications to solve these problems.

Solutions to structural issues require new leadership that will focus our legislature on attending to short and medium-term budgetary issues for education, transportation, healthcare, natural disaster response, etc.; as well as, on the larger structural issues, which will need to be examined and repaired to develop long-term solutions.

Since we started meeting with constituents, we know that our approach is resonating. Constituents are looking for candidates that recognize the structural limitations of our current systems.  They know that our current systems are failing large cross sections of our population and they are eager for an honest discussion.

We are the only candidacy in this race with both executive branch governmental experience as well as financial business experience.  This experience lays the foundation for our structural approach and informs our unique perspective to the issues before us.

Join our solutions team by casting your vote for Adrian Ocegueda for Governor.

Early voting starts: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Early voting ends: Friday, March 2, 2018

Primary Election Day: March 6, 2018


I have posted some Thoughts, start with the Fidelity Contract.  It is a bit of a read I know, but please take some time to read it, as it sets the tone for what we are hoping to accomplish.  We will be adding videos as we move through the process, to share thoughts and the experience of running. 


YouTube Channel


Beyond professional experiences, my life experiences also give me a unique perspective.  Growing up in El Paso, Texas, my parents worked hard to pursue their American dream.  During my childhood I was able to see my father advance from a silk screen shop at Fort Bliss to the Director of Information Management at Fort Bliss, by pursuing his education at night.  I also saw my mother keep our home in order, study at night, and still advance through a career in the City of El Paso, where she worked as a Public Works Inspector and later as a Grants Coordinator for the Police Department. 

Through it all my sister and I advanced from understanding the delayed gratification of getting our clothes on layaway from Kmart, to the excitement of getting our first computer (Commodore 64).  We were both fortunate enough to get accepted and struggle through Princeton University.  We appreciated the unique experiences of moving from wine and cheese parties, to being lectured by Nobel prize contenders, to cheering at Alpha Phi Alpha step parties at the Third World Center, to returning to our hometown on holiday breaks to take in Chico’s Tacos and remind ourselves that Economics 101 started for us by looking across the border at the neighborhoods in Juarez as we traveled to UTEP. 

As I travel the state, I hear many talk about the need to build bridges rather than walls.  But I think it is important to understand that there are many of us who are bridges within ourselves.  We have roots in many spheres and we traverse them on a daily basis, we may negotiate terms with a bank for a deal on one day and spread masa on corn husks for tamales the next.  This candidacy will not shy away from any of these experiences.  On the contrary, I will draw upon these experiences to show that leadership comes not from the total of one’s Campaign Finance Report, but from the application of humble wisdom learned through the total of one’s life experience.


Brief Professional and Education Biography

Principal, Lone Star Investment Advisors (Private Equity Firm)                   Current

Policy Advisor, Office of the Mayor, City of El Paso                                     2003-2005

Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy, Princeton University                      1998

          Major: Political Economy

          Certificate in African-American Studies                                           

Master of Business Administration, Southern Methodist University            2008

          Concentration: Finance-Investments & Financial Consulting

Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA Institute                                               2014


Hometown: El Paso. Current town: Flower Mound. Our family, my wife- Aracley (Bilingual Kindergarten, Teacher), my daughter, age 17, and my son age 13.

You can email us at:



                          Political Advertisement paid by the Adrian Ocegueda candidacy.

                          P.O. Box 814022, Dallas, TX 75381                           (214) 702-1280

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